Full E-Commerce Set-up Special

The ArvicSecure system specializes in providing an inexpensive alternative to those businesses who already have their own Canadian Merchant Accounts for credit card processing. 

If you do not have Merchant Accounts, no need to worry, you can still Apply through your Bank. We can help.

What do you get with this Special?

1. Merchant Set-up - is the process of activating your business Merchant Accounts onto the Arvic Secure system. Please allow for 4 business days for the Set-up finalizations to be completed. Normally Retails for $157.50.

2. E-Store Shopping Cart - you will need a shopping cart/accounting program in order to bring your customer through your online ordering process. E-Store does it all: selecting an item, gathering customer information, processing the payment, maintaining sales records, and maintaining online inventory records! 

The E-Store shopping cart templates are written in simple HTML coding, which provides you design customization based on your programming knowledge. Plus, it has full Administrative functions and there is no licensing agreement. You have access to E-Store for as long as you need it. Normally Retails for $52.50.

3. Domain Name Renewal/Registration - Have your current domain name renewed for 2 years, or register a new domain name with a 2 year term. Your domain name will be one less thing to worry about! Normally Retails for $41.06

4. 6 MONTHS FREE - Arvic Secure is still the least expensive alternative in Canada. We are not only committed to getting your business onto the Internet, but in helping you stay there. 

Therefore, as an incentive with this Holiday Special, we will process your first 6 months (or your first 1000 transactions) for FREE. Normally the rate is a base fee for your first 100 transaction of $30.00/month, and 30 cents per transaction over those first 100 for the month. You are Guaranteed to save at least $192.60 and upwards of $315.00 with this offer alone!


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