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Quick Product List

Even though we may compete with each in the overall scheme of things by offering similar products or services, there is no reason why we can not work together. You provide Arvic products and services to your clients while earning a commission, and we can refer our customers to you, one of our Resellers.

We each offer a number of services to our clients that the other does not. The prime interest of Arvic, is in selling:

  • Online Real Time Credit Card Processing Services 

  • SSL Security Certificates, in Canadian dollars

  • .ca Domain Name Registrations

  • Corporate Paralegal services

  • Trade Mark Agent services

Offer your customers a well-rounded Internet product. 

You provide web hosting and design, correct? Why not give your customers .ca domain name registration/renewals, Internet security with SSL certificates and full E-commerce capabilities as well? All while earning a commission on each of these products!

The math is not earn money through more customers that want your full Internet services, and you earn money from Arvic by Reselling these products. It is a win-win situation!

  • We insure you are paid your commission at the time the sale is made

  • You to collect all fees payable by the client, and we invoice you for the fees you pay us

  • We can even provide you with Merchant Accounts for online credit card processing, if needed

  • We will pay you an ongoing monthly residual of up to $.05 (5 cents) per transaction based on the your customer's monthly processing volume

Ideally we would like all our resellers to agree to sell all of our services while allowing us to promote your services. However, we both know this is not practical. Therefore, we are happy to have you sign up for any of our services and trust, in time, you will come to appreciate the value of the other services to your customers and sign up for them as well. 

What services are available to you?

Unlike other affiliate programs we are not asking you to send your customers to us. We want to help you attract more clients to your site by giving your clients access, from your site, to the specialty information and services we provide from our site. So, in summary, here is what we are offering.

E-Commerce Solutions - for the Merchant
  1. .Ca Domain Name Registrations: You will receive domain names for $22 Canadian. You chose and change the price you charge when you want.

  2. Reseller Processing: If you need a merchant account for your business then we will help you secure merchant accounts for both Visa & MasterCard in either Canadian or American dollars or, if required, both. If you have merchant accounts then we will set-up your business so you can use your existing merchant accounts to accept credit cards from your web site.

  3. New Merchant Account: If your client wants a merchant account then our list price to arrange for merchant accounts and set-up the client would be $150.00. If you collect these funds from the client then you pay us only $50.00.

  4. Existing Merchant Set-ups: If your client has a merchant account then our list price to set-up the client would be $150.00. If you collect these funds from the client then you pay us only $50.00.

  5. No Hold Backs: All merchant transaction income is paid directly to the merchant the next business day. There is no hold back with ArvicSecure.

  6. Residual income: For each month that this client stays active we will pay you $.05 (5 cents) per transaction after the first 100. Therefore, as the average merchant does 300 transactions per month, you can earn a further $10.00 per month for each month that this client continues with our service.

  7. GeoTrust SSL Certificates. The new "kid on the block" is rapidly taking over the SSL certificate market by offering products equal to or better than Versign at substantially lower prices and with local service. You owe it to yourself and your  clients to investigate these new certificates prices in Canadian dollars. Click GeoTrust for more details.

  8. Shopping Cart: We have built a fully customizable shopping cart program that we are offering to our resellers at nor charge and in three versions. (1) is a free version that does not process credit cards but does send the merchant e-mail; (2) a Basic version of the cart that does process credit cards but has limited administration functions; (3) a deluxe version of the cart that processes credit cards as well as a full administration function. We will provide you with FREE copies of all three so you can either give them away or sell them to your clients as part of the set-up of your clients e-commerce solution. You can see a demo at FREE Shopping Cart. However, you are welcome to use any shopping cart you want. The ArvicSecure API includes a complete description of how to connect your own shopping carts to our gateway.

Canada wide corporate name and trademark search
The Federal Government, as well as each province and territory, requires a NUANS name search report prior to incorporation. The problem is finding a name that is not already taken. Our Free NUANS Pre-Screen search report will find that one good name for your clients. Your clients are also encouraged to use this search tool to confirm there Canadian domain names are not in conflict with existing Canadian corporations or Trademarks.
Business Plan
A free password protected interactive service that instructs users on how to build a Successful Business Plan suitable for presentation to financial lenders or backers.
Canadian Trade Mark Searches
Owners of domain names and From a basic to full common law with opinion for both Canada and the United States.
Business Links
Access to Government and Business resources is mandatory. We provide and update links to all Federal and Provincial Government departments. Chamber of Commerce, Better Business bureau, Credit reporting services. Associations, Organizations, and support groups.
Guides To:
The basic information needs of every business person including; Trade Mark, Patent, and Copyright Law fundamentals. Incorporation, or registering a trade name, requirements, Fees for Government services.
How to Articles
Written in lay man's terms on relevant topics such as; Starting a new business, why register a trademark, how to use a trademark correctly. Good and bad business names. Protection without registration. How to use a Domain name correctly. Marketing on the Internet.

We invite you to join us.

Read about Arvic's background in business and with its customers in order to reassure yourself that you are joining the right team. Also, see why we decided to produce this Reseller Program... not for profit, but for community.

Sales training will be provided for our package of services. You must demonstrate an understanding of, and agree to be bound by, our "Commission Sales Agreement". 

For further information please contact us Toll Free at 1-888-227-8421.

Enrol Today.

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