Arvic Associates Enrollment Program

Working together builds both our businesses!

We will pay you a commission of up to $100.00 for each new merchant you enrol in our credit card processing service. We will also pay you an ongoing monthly residual of up to $.05 (5 cents) per transaction based on the merchant's monthly bank card processing volume.

We live in a country that encourages individuals to start their own business. As an ISP the majority of your clients are either already in business, employed for a business owner or prime candidates to start new businesses. We are one of Canada's, and the Internet's, most successful firms of corporate paralegals, trademark agents and a premier resource for information about operating an existing business or starting a new one. We would also like to make these resources available to you and your customers.

What we can do for you?

Unlike other affiliate programs we are not asking you to send your customers to us. We want to help you attract more clients to your site by giving your clients access, from your site, to the specialty information and services we provide from our site.

E-Commerce Solutions
Our total e-commerce solution includes;
  1. Online real time credit card authorization in both Canadian and American Dollars.
  2. Online real time currency conversion so your clients can accept payment in any currency.
  3. The only transaction processor that is truly secure for the user.

Our FREE Resources for your clients!

Business Plan
A free password protected interactive service that instructs users on how to build a Successful Business Plan suitable for presentation to financial lenders or backers.
Business Links.
Access to Government and Business resources is mandatory. We provide and update links to;
  1. All Federal and Provincial Government departments.
  2. Chamber of Commerce, Better Business bureau, Credit reporting services.
  3. Associations, Organizations, and support groups.
Guides To:
The basic information needs of every business person including;
  1. Trade Mark, Patent, and Copyright Law fundamentals.
  2. Incorporation, or registering a trade name, requirements
  3. Fees for Government services.
How to Articles
Written in lay man's terms on relevant topics such as;
  1. Starting a new business, why register a trademark, how to use a trademark correctly.
  2. Good and bad business names. Protection without registration. How to use a Domain name correctly.
  3. Marketing on the Internet.
Marketing Assistance
Each week we will provide you with content for a marketing newsletter you can forward to your clients to show them your interest in building their businesses.

The Search Services we provide?

Corporate Name search.
The Federal Government, as well as each province and territory, requires a NUANS name search report prior to incorporation. We supply them to your customers.
Provincial Trade Name Search Report.
For any new business name to be used in Canada.
Canadian and American Trade Mark Searches
From a basic to full common law with opinion for both Canada and the United States.
Trade Mark Application & Registration Services
The preparation, filing and prosecution of Trade Mark applications in both Canada and the USA. Through a world wide association with other agents we can arrange to have applications filed in any of 140 other countries.
Trade Mark Agent
Complete consultation and Free Advice on any trade mark related matter or domain name dispute.

The Paralegal Services we offer?

New Incorporation
In any Province, Territory or Canada wide.
Shelf Number Companies.
Available for most jurisdictions.
File corporate annual returns.
And other corporate filing services associated with same.
File any corporate change.
To directors, addresses, shareholders or articles.
Business Plan consulting.
Including assistance in securing financing.

The products we sell?

Corporate Seals.
We are one of the top suppliers of both corporate seals and corporate embossers.
Minute Books.
A collection of eight different models in a variety of colours and covers.
Rubber Stamps.
For every business or personal occasion.
Share Certificates.
In a variety of colours for every province.

How your clients benefit?

Access to Information.
Specifically information that they can use on a daily basis.
Competitive Fees.
Owing to our use of advanced technology, the Internet and our 18 years of service we are considered to be the competition the other search houses try to emulate. We even provide your clients with a %15 discount on every purchase they make from our web site.
Quality Service
The growth of our business is directly linked to those satisfied customers who have referred their friends or business associates to us.

How your site benefits?

We all know that success on the internet is determined by the number of repeat visitors to your site and the word of mouth advertising of your satisfied clients. We trust you can see how an association with Arvic can attract more clients to both of our services.

Affiliate programs build relations.
Businesses that work together to create networks of successful businesses develop a reputation to which others want to be associated.
When they know?
Yours is the site to which other successful businesses are associated. They will want to join.
When they want?
Ongoing support for business related that only a network can provide. They will want to join.
When they need?
Access to Government programs or services offered from your site. They will want to join.
You earn 15% commission
Paid on everything your customers purchase, with the exception of the Government disbursements, from our web site.

We invite you to join us.

A working knowledge of web site access and HTML is required. Sales training will be provided for our package of services. You must demonstrate an understanding of, and agree to be bound by, our "Commission Sales Agreement". For further information please contact us Toll Free at 1-888-227-8421.

Enrol Today.

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