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This is not the usual ďGet Rich QuickĒ reseller or associate program you may be used to from the Internet. Arvic Search Services is a real company that has built real services and products that will greatly enhance the customer service and product base that you can make available for your customers. 

Arvic has been serving the Canadian public since 1982 and helping small businesses understand the intricacies of starting up by trying to inform the public about many of the procedures when dealing with government institutions. We began as one of the first private search houses in Alberta, and since then, have grown into the well-respected Corporate Registry and Trademark agent firm we are today. Our service is second to none because of our intense need to service our customers professionally, and quickly.

We pride ourselves on the service and the information we give to our customers, and we feel that we can help your customers understand the tedious processes of incorporating, and registering a trademark as well as demystifying e-commerce and domain name registrations. 

The first question you should be asking yourself is if we are a reliable company to be affiliated with. There is nothing worse than entering into a Reseller Program, and having the company you are partnered with, not live up to their responsibilities. 

However, with Arvic, you can be assured that we have the capabilities and know-how to fully complete your customer order professionally and in a timely manner. Plus we have the systems in place to do this at a low-cost, making it economical for you and your customer to use Arvic.

Why have we built a reseller program? 

We feel that Internet-based companies, law or accounting firms could better serve small businesses by adding Arvic products and services to what you currently offer your clients. You can use the Arvic products as a value-added service to the small businesses that come to your web site allowing you to gain the competitive advantage by offering more, and serving your customers better. 

We have a complete small business package with our NUANS name searches and registrations, .ca domain name searches and registrations, trademark searches and registrations and e-commerce systems to start your clientís business, reserve its place on the Internet, protect its Intellectual Property rights, and enable it to do business online. All of these services compliment each other and make for a wonderful small business, large business, or Internet business package. 

By offering all these services plus the services and wares you offer our clients, you could provide a one-stop-shop for your customers and clients. And we are certain this capability will be appreciated.

For ISPís or web hosting companies, you can offer all Internet related services to your customers. Do what the big ISPís canít: provide a worthwhile service. By bringing incorporations, .ca domain name registrations, and e-commerce capabilities together, your customers would be getting the kind of service we both know is not offered anywhere else. Donít just offer to register their domain names, but renew them as well. Donít just provide a web design: provide a web business.

Or, for lawyers and accountants, you can offer full incorporations ordered and delivered from your web site, while enabling your Internet clients to use you to renew their domain name when you file their annual return. It is that easy to let your web site make money as well as inform.

Our reseller program is based on building an Internet community based on helping the small businessperson find all the services and wares they need in one place?

In the Canadian Internet world we have found there is little networking, or pooling of services to make for more efficient web presences. We have tried a few Business-to-Business networking sites, which have failed due to lack of cooperation. And we at Arvic hope to alleviate that. Even though this reseller program will not be network of people, we hope you see it as a network of services that can complete the business mix. 

We invite you to join us.

Read about Arvic's background in business and with its customers in order to reassure yourself that you are joining the right team. Also, see why we decided to produce this Reseller Program... not for profit, but for community.

Sales training will be provided for our package of services. You must demonstrate an understanding of, and agree to be bound by, our "Commission Sales Agreement". 

For further information please contact us Toll Free at 1-888-227-8421.

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