Need a Merchant Account?

At the current time, Arvic is not prepared to be an aggregate, thereby providing merchant accounts for you to use. We are specializing in helping small businesses realize their e-commerce goals at a reasonable price. However, Arvic wants to work with you by giving you an understanding of what the banks require in order to provide you with new merchant accounts. 

Or, if you have tried the Bank, and you would like another option, we can help. You can Apply for a New Merchant Account with our help. 

Reading this guide will help you greatly, and we suggest you invest the time to become informed about your merchant accounts. Please keep in mind that your individual bank experience may differ from the basic guideline that we have provided, but the overall concepts will remain the same.

In giving merchant accounts, the bank is concerned that you will in fact supply the merchandise to your customers. Therefore, your bankers will want specific information about your business in order to provide a reputable history. However, if you have been banking with the same bank for more than 6 months then they already have a history on you and thus the process goes faster for both Visa and MasterCard.

Your bankers will also want some assurance that you will not be storing or saving credit card information on your web site or sending this information over un-encrypted e-mail. Thereby, decreasing the risk to the bank against charge backs and fraud significantly.

By completing the [Arvic supplied form] you are confirming to your bankers that your web site will only be used for advertising and promoting your products and services as well as storing marketing information about your customers and that you are not collecting credit card information from your web site.

If your bankers have any questions about ArvicSecure then invite them to call us. We are happy to talk to them. Our contact information is at the bottom of every page on this web site.

The Process

  1. Call your Bank Account Manager       bank contact numbers
    Tell your account manager that you would like to apply for a merchant account.

    • Please be aware that you may need to set up new bank accounts in order to receive your merchant accounts. But that is based on your Bank's specific practices.

    • Your bank will charge a fee for you to set up your merchant accounts. You and your bank account manager can negotiate this fee, however it should normally be around $250.00.

    • Your discount rates will also be negotiable. If your bank accounts are in good standing, you should not receive a rate higher than 3.5%, but ask for 3.0%.

    • Your discount rates will be reviewed in 6 months for adjustments according to your volume in sales, the average sale amount, and number of charge backs.

    • Merchants will be able to request Visa accounts in either Canadian or American Dollars. MasterCard merchant accounts will be in Canadian dollars only until later this year when American dollar accounts will also be offered.

  2. Apply
    Once you have your merchant accounts, come to our Apply Now page, and have your Transit and Account Number ready for your Merchant Accounts.

  3. Merchant Account Activation
    Arvic, upon receipt of confirmation of the account activation by your bank, will assign, within two business days, a:

        • Terminal Id

        • Internal Id

        • User Name

        • Password

We will then email this information to you along with a copy of your free Shopping Cart program all set-up and ready-to-go.

There is always more information that you need to know on these matters. Therefore we have prepared a FAQ section for New Merchants. Please visit this page to get some handy tips on setting up your merchant account before you go and see your Banker.

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