Arvic Privacy Policy


As credit card transaction processors it is our responsibility to collect certain information from both the merchant and their customers. However, under the terms of our agreements with the credit card companies we are prohibited from collecting specific portions of the transaction.

The rules we operate under.

In order for you to appreciate the service we offer merchants and consumers you should understand what happens to the data entered on our web pages. Each merchant provides us with information from two different operations:

Merchant Registration

  • We do verify to you the identity of the merchant you are dealing with. Therefore, the merchant supplies us with their merchant numbers, bank references, address, phone etc.

  • We forward this information to the credit card companies. They, in turn, confirm that the merchant information is valid.

  • You have the assurance of knowing this merchant can be trusted to deliver the goods you order.

We collect and store this information in our databases.

  Transaction information.

  • The merchant invoice number.

  • The merchant product description.

  • The total invoice amount.

  • The customer's e-mail address.

In order for a merchant to request payment he must generate an invoice. We collect and store this invoice information in our databases for later processing.

Credit card details are not entered on the merchant's web site. They are entered on our web site. The consumer supplies us with the following;

  Credit Card details;

  • The credit card number;

  • The credit card expiry dates;

  • The card holders name.

  • The card holders e-mail address.

We forward this information, along with the transaction information, to the credit card companies. We are prohibited from collecting and storing the credit card number and the expiry date information in any form.

Once a transaction has been processed we alert the merchant that a specific invoice has been authorized. We do not advise the merchant of the consumer's credit card details. We do provide the merchant with the card holders name, e-mail address and authorization codes. The merchant then supplies the goods you ordered and paid for. We only use your e-mail address to send you a confirmation of the order as well as follow up two days later to confirm you have received shipping confirmation.

Aside from the consumer's e-mail address no portion of the credit card transaction information is stored in any form. Therefore, there is nothing of any value to a hacker.

We respect your right to privacy. Therefore, we do not offer for sale, sell, or otherwise use your name or e-mail address.

We do reserve the right to use email addresses and information gathered in our Customer information tables for the sending of Arvic Search Services Inc.  marketing information. This marketing information may be sent to customers, and only as an opt-in newsletter, or promotional format. If at any time, the receiver wishes to no longer receive this marketing information, they can opt-out.

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