How RealTime Processing Works

RealTime Credit Card Processing is your Internet Point of Sale machine, or swipe machine. Within seconds of your customer entering their credit card information on ArvicSecure's secure interface, they are advised if their credit card transaction has been approved. And you only see the orders that have been paid for. 

The Steps

  1. Your customer comes to your web site, and proceeds to place an order through your shopping cart (which can be provided by Arvic at no extra cost at your initial set-up). 

  2. Your customer inputs their credit card, billing, and marketing information and submits the order request to your company over secured pages. 

  3. Your web site collects their Order Information and generates an Invoice over secured pages in RealTime. 

  4. Your web site then "Posts" this generated Invoice to Arvic in Real Time over the Internet Arvic receives your Invoice information and isolates the customer credit card information and posts this to your credit card company. 

  5. Your credit card company then instantly supplies Arvic with an authorization number. 

  6. We return this authorization number to you along with the invoice you generated, as a "Receipt of Order". This tells you that the order can now be fulfilled by you. 

  7. A receipt is instantly produced for your customer confirming that the credit card has been charged and your company is now satisfying the order. 

And this entire process takes 5 seconds on average! 

At the end of the business day your credit card company deposits the money into your bank account. 

At the end of the month we send you a detailed statement of all your monthly transactions along with our $30.00 monthly fee for the first 100 transactions, and any additional transactions will by .321 cents each. 

Do you want to see what the ArvicSecure system looks like? 

Try our demonstration!

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