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  2. Your Affiliation With Arvic.
  3. Merchant Account Administration Area.

Terms of use and sale of services

Arvic is a customer service oriented firm that wants to work with its clients in every way we can to help merchants prosper. We believe our future depends on your growth. Therefore, we only have two conditions attached to this service:

It is the merchant's responsibility to maintain their relationship with their bankers and to insure their merchant status is "current".

Merchants who do not settle their monthly account with Arvic within 5 business days of the presentation of their statement will have their processing services terminated until the account is current.

Arvic further agrees:


    1. To maintain and operate our computer systems to insure we meet or exceed industry standards.

    2. To provide merchants with an "administration" area of our web site to process credits, debits, settle accounts and a place to view or retrieve a transaction log.

    3. To maintain a database of transaction logs for a period of at least 90 days.

    4. To respond to all merchant requests within 24 hours or next business day.

    5. To provide telephone support during normal business hours and e-mail support after hours.

    6. To provide, at no additional charge, information to web masters for implementation of our services.

    7. All services are provided on a month-to-month basis.

    8. To update these terms from time to time.

The Merchant further agrees:


    1. All services are provided on a month-to-month basis.

    2. The merchant is responsible for maintaining good standing with their bank.

    3. To pay a minimum monthly fee for Arvic's services in the amount of $32.10 (GST incl.). The initial fee is due upon confirmation of the merchant application approval. Subsequent fees are payable monthly in advance on the first business day of each month.

    4. To settle Arvic's monthly account within 5 business days.

    5. To review these Service & Terms from time-to-time.

    6. An executed copy of these terms is available upon request.

What your Affiliation with Arvic means

You offer a service from an Internet transaction company with one of the highest approval rates in the industry offering credit-worthy merchants responsive turnaround on their applications.

    We provide you with:

      1. Credit Card Processing

      2. Pre-authorizations

      3. Issuing Credits Capabilities

      4. Issuing Refunds Capabilities

      5. Attainable Processing limits -- we're here to help you grow. We handle both the "Mom and Pop" business as well as the million-dollar corporations

      6. With the ability to set low rates and reserve requirements based on your type of business and charge back history for your business type

      7. Access to innovative risk management, fraud control and charge back reduction techniques that set the industry standard.

      8. Extensive experience with Internet start-up companies, home-based merchants and Internet merchants

      9. Competitive discount rates determined by your business category and type of transaction

      10. Arvic's long-term relationship with banks that understand and welcome your business

      11. Bank contacts that will take a neutral position in evaluating your venture

      12. Honest, and fair business practices. No bait and switch, games or rate increases just because we want to make more money off you.

Merchant Administration Services

As an Arvic client you will be provided with a password and logon ID that will allow you to access a merchant only section of our web site. From this section you can view your daily, weekly or monthly transaction logs, confirm sales amounts or deposits as well as perform administration functions on your account.

As your business grows you may want to start accept additional credit cards. This section of our web site will allow you to add these additional merchant accounts at no additional charge to you.

Typically you will want to use this section of the web site to process credits or reverse transactions. You can also use this section to complete Pre-approved orders or settle your account with Arvic.

As our businesses grow together you may want us to provide you with some additional custom programming that will be specific to your business. We welcome the opportunity to provide these services and solicit your requests.

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We have a network of other web sites and services.... New Rent a Server

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